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Overview of Top Bunk Productions[]

Top Bunk Productions was created on 14th Febuary 2006 and has expanded over the past years. It's first incarnation was small captain underpants fan comics but soon moved on to plasticine animation with The Blibby and Blobby Show. Apart from Blibby and Blobby, this soon lead to more characters such as Norbert the newt, Frezer the frog, The Blobbs and Dave the cat. this took of for a while but was later shelved in 2007/2008. The spirit of Blibby and Blobby didn't die out, they would return.

In 2008 Top Bunk Productions needed a new media, so they reverted back to comics but this time newspaper comics. They ran a small series called IQ involing three inteligent primary school pupils and a very stupid, donut addicted teacher. It went on for a while but one character shone above the rest, Frederik. Frederik later grew and several drawing features changed and he later apeared in a comic book called The Oselot Trio, it was about Frederik living with his granddad and pet rabbit and they would go on architectrial adventures. It didn't kick off but Frederik still remained. Then finaly 10Elements were born in early 2009. At first it was just Frederik, Joseph and Nikolaj as characters but then they added more characters and gave it a name. at first they were drawn rather big with odd looking limbs and very big pupils. they then tonned it down to smaller and simpiler characters. They then worked on colour and Plot line. With slight tweeks and alterations it had begun. eventually new suporting characters emurged and stories and landscapes. Now Blibby and Blobby reappeared and the adventures of The 10Elements had come to life.


Frederik:Adimantite level Top Bunk Productions founder, co Blibby and Blobby creator, co 10Elements writer

Joseph:Adimantite level co creator of The Blobbs, 10Elements creator, 10Elements writer

Holly:Adimantite level Blibby and Blobby creator

Ben:Platinum member Norbert the newt creator, Ben's Brilliant Burger Buffet owner

Matthew:Platinum member

Adam:Platinum member 10Elements writer