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The 10Elements' Base

Overview of The 10Elements' Base

The 10Elements have aquired a mordenised home and have done some mager interior decorating. It has 12 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 lounges, a massive kitchen and one "tricked out" underground garage.

The Garage

Besised the other rooms, the garage is by far the most audatious. The exteriour is made from bomb and fire proof wood provided by Holly, inside leads to a spiral ramp under the house, a lift brings the car up into the centre of the garage. The garage itself consists of four sets of twin sliding doors for storage and maintanance. The centre also has a cylindrical lift that rises up into the main house. If you look closely at the buttons on the panell you will see that on each of them is a tiny number pad made of DNA Pylium, Matthew and Adam have to type a code into all 3 of the pads before they can get to the pylium workshop where most of the weapons are made.

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