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Overview of Holly[]

Holly is a phytomancer and is the assassin of the team. Holly is as calm as a daisy but as strong as an oak. Her best friend is Frederik and her pet is Dave the cat. she wears a plain, leaf green t-shirt, a black dress, black stockings, green socks and a green hair band. dispite Hollys happy and relaxed domina she has a dark past that only few know about, she is yet to discover her special ability but she will in time.


Holly has one of the power of Nature which means she can create and manipulate plants and organic matter. She has mastered most of her power but is only a level 5 out of 100, which is quite good for Earth. A phytomancer is a forger which is an Elemental that can create objects with their power. Holly can create perpetual fuel for the cars and help create some of the ingredients for pylium, but a geomancer (i.e. Harriet) to compress it or one of Oli's machines.