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Overview of Harriet[]

Harriet is a geomancer and is the close ranger of the team. She is rather shy but likes a good laugh and her plans have never failed yet. She is best friends with Joseph and her pet is Blebby. She wears a plain, purple t-shirt, a black dress, black stockings and a purple hair band.


Harriet has the power of Earth which means she can create and manipulate rock, stone, earth and emeralds. She has mastered most of her power but is only a level 5 out of 100, which is quite good for Earth. A geomancer is a forger which is an Elemental that can create objects with their power. Harriet can create emeralds, rubies etc. but can only crush carbon not actualy create them, she needs a phytomancer and a pyromancer(burned ashes)(i.e.Frederik and Holly). This is The 10Elements's main money supply.