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Dr. Person

Overview of Dr. Person[]

Dr. Person is the main antagonist in 10Elements (yet not being a very good one). He is infact a brilliant scientist as he has built (or rather comitioned) his own satillite. On board Dr. Person's satillite is his daughter, Amy Person and his dimwited henchmen the Gullibles. He is German and has a fondness of cakes. He hates the French (due to him not knowing it was a bank and you were "suposed" to input money, so he always clames that they stoll his money) yet he married an unknown French woman. Little is known about Dr. Person's wife but all we know is that she had Amy Person and that she is French. In fact he hates most countries for silly reasons (mainly to do with his own stupidity) even his own country, Germany, this is probabily why he lives in his satillite to avoid other peoples "stupidity!". He wears a plain, black t-shirt, grey slacks and a lab coat.

Country hating[]

Dr. Person hates the world. he didn't choose to, it just happened. On his many travels when he was younger he visited nearly every county but then their was always one flaw in all of his trips. At some point it went wrong and he hated the country from then on. For Example:

France: Bank for "stealing his money"

Sweden: Giving him a flat bed(Ikea)